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"Do you have the strength to rule? Do you have the faith to destroy? DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO DEFEAT THANOS?"

Thanos is a Cosmic Champion. Being a Cosmic Champion, he has a Class Bonus against Tech Champions, but is weak to Mystic Champions. He is a major recurring antagonist and serves as the final boss of Act 3.


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Empowered by near-unlimited cosmic energy, possessed by high intelligence, and driven by dark obsessions, Thanos once dominated space and time itself with the Infinity Gauntlet. His one singular goal: transforming the cosmos itself into an abattoir.


Thanos has entered the Collector's Contest, not to fight, but to rule. Seizing immense power from all avenues that he can get his hands on, the Mad Titan strikes down any who would dare to stand against him. With near immortality and unlimited cosmic power, Thanos sets his sights on seizing the ISO-Sphere so that he may one day gain the affection of his true love, Mistress Death.


  • All Attacks: 11% chance for Fury, increasing Attack by X for 6.5 seconds.
  • When Struck by Basic Attacks: 10% chance for Armor Up, increasing Armor Rating by X for 5.5 seconds.
  • Special Attacks: 100% chance for Heal Block lasting 9.5 seconds.

Signature Ability

  • Immortality
    • Granted near-immortality, Thanos the Mad Titan Passively reduces his opponent's base Attack by X% (as a boss in End Game: 63.05% reduced Attack for the opponent).

Special Attacks

  • Obliterate
    • Two rapid and devastating cosmic blasts from the Mad Titan soften up his opponent.
  • Terminate
    • Rage and power combine to launch Thanos' target into the air with mighty concussive blasts.
      • This Special Attack deals True Damage, ignoring all of the opponent's Armor.
  • Exterminate
    • With a heavy heart, Thanos prepares to introduce his foe to his one true love.


  • Thanos is a trophy champion and can only be obtained via Legends Runs, Gifting Events and the Greater Gifting Crystal.
  • Thanos' design in Marvel: Contest of Champions inspired his design in the THANOS limited series by Jeff Lemire and Mike Deodato.[1]

In the Story

Joining the Contest

Thanos was a powerful being obsessed with conquest and courting the affection of Mistress Death. He was summoned to the Contest by the Collector, and became its third contender after refusing to submit, competing against the Summoner and Kang. Thanos was intrigued with the nature of the Battlerealm, and came to learn of a mysterious benefactor whom the Collector serves. He then allied himself with the Summoner to defeat Kang, allowing the two to learn of the benefactor’s identity: Maestro.

The Maestro then pitted Thanos against the Summoner, offering a fight between him and Thanos if the Mad Titan were to win. Thanos challenged the Summoner with his Black Order, and then fought the Summoner himself, but his overconfidence led to his defeat and he was subsequently encased in a crystal.


Thanos would play an instrumental part in the Rebellion against Maestro; in a gambit to defeat the Master of the Contest, the Collector tasked Guillotine with freeing Thanos from his crystal, who arrived in time to defeat a weakened Maestro, and claimed the newborn Genesis Stone for himself. Thanos would then embark on a quest to collect the remaining Infinity Stones, incapacitating Karnak and facing off the X-Men as he obtained the Evolution Stone from the Dark Phoenix. He also attempted to collect the War Stone from Dormammu, however Doctor Strange intervened and escaped with the stone.

Infinity War

Finding unlikely allies in Hela and Mephisto, Thanos would eventually obtain the Nightmare Stone from M.O.D.O.K., the Death Stone from Hela, and the War and Chaos Stones from Doctor Strange, completing the Infinity Gauntlet and launching his conquest of the Battlerealm. Black Panther, equipped with a variant Killmonger's gauntlet, took on the Mad Titan, stalling time for the Avengers before he was presumably killed in action.

Thanos then employed ‘Nameless’ champions as his minions, mind-controlled the Summoner, and promptly shut down the Grandmaster’s Contest, draining power from his ISO-Sphere in the process. As the Summoner was freed from Thanos’ influence by Iron Man, and Mephisto and M.O.D.O.K. switched allegiances, they allied with the Avengers in a desperate plan to defeat the Mad Titan. Thanos found himself stripped of the power of three stones, caused by Doctor Strange’s sacrifice, and he was then once again defeated by the Summoner.

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