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"What is the truth, and what is an illusion, Kang? When you have infinite power, will it matter?"
—The Collector[src]

The Collector is an unplayable Combined Champion. Being a Combined Champion, he has a Class Bonus against Champions of every Class other than another Combined. He serves as a major antagonist turned anti-hero, and is the final boss of Act 5 Chapter 2.


An Elder of the Universe. A billion years old. The alien commander of the Power Primordial. He is the Collector, the master of the Contest of Champions. He scours the galaxy for interesting artifacts -- and life forms -- to add to his rare collection. Beyond that, his true motives are known by none -- and perhaps incomprehensible.


Tier Max Rating Max Health Max Attack Critical
Damage Rating
TierStar2.pngTierStar2.pngTierStar2.pngTierStar2.pngTierStar2.png 14,230 61,882 4,557 817 1,182 111 111 111 901 5,400


Basic Abilities

  • Passive: As The Collector loses health, he activates more and more of his ancient Relics to boost his stats and grant him new powers.
  • Passive: Below 85% Health - Protection Relic - The Collector can no longer take more than 3% of his Max Health as damage from any single source.
  • Passive: Below 70% Health - Offense Relic - The Collector gains a permanent boost to Critical Hit Chance and Armor Rating equal to X.
  • Passive: Below 55% Health - Shatter Relic - The Collector's special attacks become Unblockable.
  • Passive: Below 40% Health - Immunity Relic - The Collector becomes Immune to all Bleed, Poison, Stun, and Power Lock debuff effects.
  • Passive: Below 25% Health - Blitz Relic - The Collector periodically becomes Unstoppable for 3.50 seconds.
  • Passive: Below 10% Health - Overload Relic - The Collector periodically activates an astral Overload, recovering X Health over 15 seconds and increasing Armor Rating by 1,000.
  • Passive: The presence of the ISO-Sphere slowly weakens the Collector's opponent, reducing their Ability Accuracy by 2.5% for every 5 seconds that the fight has gone on to a maximum of 80% reduction.
  • Special Attacks:
    • The influence of the ISO-Sphere grants the Collector 5% increased Power Gain rate each time he launches a Special Attack.
Tier Critical Hit Chance
& Armor Rating
Astral Overload
TierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.png 1076.92 5394.75

Signature Ability

  • Elder Physiology
    • Passive: As an Elder of the Universe, the Collector possesses a near immortal body. This causes him to gain a Regeneration Buff every time he loses 20% of his Max Health, regaining X Health over 10 seconds.
    • The Collector also gains an unending Tenacity, allowing him a 55% chance to shrug off any Debuff effect instantly.

Special Attacks

  • Special 1
    • X% chance to Stun for X seconds.
Tier % Chance Seconds
TierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.png 90% 3.5
  • Special 2
    • Launching this attack siphons off the opponent's Power meter and steals 75% of their current Power over 10 seconds.
    • X% chance to Power lock, severing the target's flow of Power for X seconds.
Tier % Chance Seconds
TierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.pngTierStar.png 100% 10
  • Special 3
    • This attack instantly knocks out the opponent. Damage from this Attack cannot be prevented or reduced.


  • The Collector's design is from the comic X-23 Vol 3 Issue 19. It is his only appearance with this outfit.
  • The Collector can be seen on the first tile in every Quest prior to Act 5. Occasionally, he appears with a completely different color palette.
  • As he is not meant to be playable, if one accesses the game files, the descriptions for his special attacks are lines of code, but can be best described as follows:
    • His first special attack involves sending out a wave of what appears to be ISO-8 infused energy, followed by summoning forth the ISO-Sphere for an energy beam fired from his fingertip.
    • His second special attack involves a palm strike followed by using an ISO-8 infused spell to restrain the player, leaving them open to an overhead punch.
    • His third special attack involves using the ISO-Sphere to encase the player within a crystal, instantly defeating them unavoidably.

In the Story

Becoming the Collector

Three billion years before the current iteration of the Contest, Taneleer Tivan and his brother En Dwi Gast discovered the Battlerealm, then known as the Nexus Realm. Years later, they explored the Nexus Realm along with Taneleer's daughter Carina. Carina ventured outside their spaceship as the trio were caught in an unexpected energy explosion, trapping En Dwi under a rock and shattering Carina into a billion fragments. Taneleer became obsessed with collecting Carina's fragments in the hope of resurrecting her, and abandoned En Dwi in the Battlerealm in his haste, causing a rift between the siblings.

The Contest of Champions

Dedicating his life to collecting Carina's fragments, Taneleer gained his obsession with collecting objects and became the Collector. He eventually involved himself with the Maestro, who promised the power to bring Carina back to life, in return for setting up the newest Contest to find a worthy challenger to fight himself. The Maestro and the Collector began by bringing in twelve Champions against their will: Scarlet Witch, Vision, Captain Marvel, Thor, Hyperion, King Groot, Guillotine, Sentry, Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and Thing, who were all brainwashed with the ISO-Spell. However, Sentry proved to be too powerful for the others and killed all but three contestants in their first battle. Maestro ordered the Collector to dispose of Sentry, but he instead tasked Robert with locating his daughter’s missing fragments, due to his sharp senses and incredible speed; however Sentry then disappeared, not to be found for another thirty-five years, and the Collector eventually moved on from this scheme.

The Contest’s population grew over the years, as thousands of Champions were brought into the Contest and subjugated to the ISO-Spell. As Maestro demanded more Champions for the Contest, the Collector instead started using Skrulls posing as Champions to appease him, inadvertently causing a secret Skrull Invasion. Summoners were introduced to the Contest with the ability to take control and fight with Champions, most notably the Summoner, Kang the Conqueror, and Thanos. The Collector also came into possession of an ISO-Sphere, presumably thanks to Maestro, and he presented it as the ultimate prize for winning the Contest. Kang was soon defeated by the combined efforts of the Summoner and Thanos, allowing them to learn of the Maestro’s identity, before Thanos himself was defeated by the Summoner.

Rebellion and Civil War

After Thanos’ defeat Ant-Man passed a vague warning to the Collector and the Summoner of the Maestro’s sinister plot to create a powerful artifact using ISO-8, and they began organizing a secret rebellion against the Maestro. Maestro himself returned to the Contest and played along with the Collector's attempts to hide his betrayal, until he revealed that he knew the whole time and was observing from a distance. In a final bout against Maestro, the Collector had Guillotine free Thanos from his crystal. The Maestro revealed the artifact to be an Infinity Stone, and used it to incapacitate the Collector, before he was taken out by Thanos, who claimed the stone for himself.

As a Cosmic Civil War waged on between the factions of Captain America and Iron Man after Maestro's defeat, they were both taken down by the Civil Warrior. Seeing his chance, the Collector emerged and imprisoned them both in crystals.

Elder's War and Path to Redemption

As the Collector attempted to begin 'Phase 2' of his contest, he was surprised by the Grandmaster who was aligned with Loki, claiming the Battlerealm for himself and instigating the Elder's War. The Grandmaster would sway many Champions to his side with false promises of freedom, and as the Collector desperately allied himself with criminals and mind controlled anyone who defied him, the Summoner turned against him as well and defeated him in the Galactorum, ending the Collector's reign. The Grandmaster taunted him and took his ISO-Sphere, before encasing him in a crystal prison and assuming control of the Contest.

The Collector eventually freed himself from the prison, and allied with Moon Knight and the Summoner to reclaim Carina's heart from the recently returned Sentry. After their success, he reassembled the Cornerstone and was visited by his brother who presented him with its final piece, as a gift for his niece. The Collector then used the remained of his ISO-Power to restore Carina's body, but could not fully restore her life spark.

After Thanos' defeat in the Infinity War, the Collecter visited the Avengers, where Captain America assured him that they will find a way to leave the Contest together.

Great Revival

In an attempt to regain the power lost during the Infinity War, the Grandmaster allied himself with the Champion, a fellow Elder of the Universe, and defeated a multitude of Champions to absorb their ISO-8. As this directly threatens Carina's existence, The Collector was then forced to summon Ægon from retirement, who defeated the Champion and provided the energy required to resurrect Carina.

A benevolent Elder compared to her father and her uncle, Carina explored the Battlerealm under the watchful eye of her father, alongside her new guardians Ægon and Captain Marvel, and he observed as she and the Summoner first defeated a Sentinel sent by Grandmaster, and then the Power Stone-infused Champion, eventually earning the trust of more and more Champions. He also accompanied Carina as she attended the Trial of Reed Richards, and eventually assisted as Carina and the Summoner ended Grandmaster's reign. However to his surprise, he was imprisoned alongside his brother as Carina decided to keep the brothers out of the Battlerealm's affairs.

The Union

Collector was eventually freed by his daughter and was sent to appease Odin, who was hosting a tournament in celebration of his arrival to the Contest. He was sent to fetch the Summoner to participate in the tournament.

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