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The Collector is a comic book character who debuted in issue #1. The Collector is one of the two organizers of the Contest of Champions, along with his brother. The Collector serves as the de facto leader of the Red Team.


The Contest's First Phase

Following the Red Team's victory, the three members (Outlaw, Iron Man, and Gamora) are teleported to The Collector's outpost in the Battlerealm (where Maestro, Stick, and Guillotine are also present). The Collector explains that he has brought them to the Battlerealm to fight (and possibly to die) in the Contest of Champions.[1]

Planning for the Next Phase


The Collector has been shown to be very competitive. He wants to achieve the Iso-Sphere through any means necessary; he threatens Maestro with death should he not get the Iso-Sphere. He also does not seem to care for the well-being of the Red Team, simply stating that he'll be mad if they all die, as well as forcefully removing Iron Man and Gamora when they did not live up to his expectations.

Abilities and Powers


  • Iso-Sphere: As an organizer of the Contest of Champions, both The Collector and The Grandmaster are fighting for the entirety of the Iso-Sphere.
    • Possible Omnipotence: According to The Collector, the Iso-Sphere gives him the power to rival the gods.
    • Resurrection: The Iso-Sphere gives him the power to resurrect the dead, although it should be noted that the less of the Iso-Sphere The Collector has, the more of a strain it puts on his body. The Iso-Sphere has, so far, resurrected Stick, Ares, and Night Thrasher.


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