The Contest is the first Act in the Story Quests. This act introduces Summoners to the game.

It costs 1 energy per tile.

The final boss is Star-Lord.

It is succeeded by Escalation.


Completion Rewards

  • 1,000x 3-Star Hero Crystal Shards
  • 1x Premium Hero Crystal
  • 1x Challenger Bonus Reward
  • 4x Level 1 Health Potion
  • 8x Tier 3 Basic Iso-8
  • 10x Tier 2 Basic Iso-8
  • 5,000x Gold

Exploration Rewards

  • 1x 3-Star Hero Crystal
  • 1x Tier 1 Class Catalyst Crystal
  • 3x Tier 1 Basic Catalyst
  • 1x Level 1 Revive
  • 6x Tier 4 Basic Iso-8
  • 10x Tier 3 Basic Iso-8
  • 15,000x Gold

Quests (Boss)

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