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Contest Roster

The Contest roster, as of Contest of Champions #5.

This article is about the comic book event. For the comic book itself, see Contest of Champions (comic book). For the real-life mobile game, see Marvel: Contest of Champions. For the in-game event, see The Contest (event).

The Contest of Champions is an event in Contest of Champions (2015).


[ve] Comic Book Characters
Contest Competitors
Organizer The CollectorThe Grandmaster
Summoner MaestroPunisher 2099
Main AresBullseyeGuillotine (La Fleur du Mal) ● Joe FixitOutlawSentryStickVenom
Support Madame HydraNight Thrasher
Eliminated Devil HydrasaurGamoraHulkIron ManMoon-Boy, Agent of Hydra
Non-Contest Competitors
South Korea Gun-RThree Moons GangWhite Fox
Others Imp Prince


Two teams made up of five main contestants and one ringer will do battle in a random arena in the Battlerealm. Battle continues until all players on one team are either defeated or killed. The Collector notes that if every person on the Red Team died, the Contest would be forfeit and he would lose everything he's gained.[1]


Before the Contest

Stick is revived

Stick is revived.

Night Thrasher is killed when Nitro causes a large explosion in Stamford, Connecticut, with Nitro killing all but one of the New Warriors and Nitro himself. Due to this explosion killing 600 people, it started one of the most famous story arcs in Marvel's long history: Civil War.

Ares is killed by Sentry during the Siege event. His son, Phobos, is also killed at some point.

Stick, along with Shaft, absorbs the souls of 40 people, and both die in the process. However, weeks before the start of the storyline, Stick is revived by The Collector.[2]

Gun-R is killed by Maestro.


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