The Grandmaster is a non-playable combined champion and the final boss of Act 6. He runs the Battlerealm after the Summoner defeated the Collector.


Basic Abilities

Tokens of the Battlerealm

  • Throughout the fight, each time the Grandmaster throws a Special 1, the Summoner will gain Tokens of Competence or Tokens of Blunder.
  • At any point during the fight, if the Summoner reaches 5 Tokens of Blunder, the Grandmaster instantly gains his Special 3.
  • If the Summoner is knocked out, up to 5 of their Tokens of Competence will persist into the next fight.

Heavy Attacks

  • Can't be interrupted and remove all Tokens of Competence.

Rules of the Fight

  • The Grandmaster has 4 Phases of challenge. Entering a new Phase resets the Summoner's Power meter to 0 and removes all Tokens.
  • After completing a Phase, the Grandmaster prepares the next Phase for 3.50 seconds. During this time, neither Champion will gain power and the Grandmaster will be Indestructible and very defensive.
  • After preparation is complete, the Grandmaster becomes Infuriated for 6 seconds before the next Phase officially beings. While Infuriated, neither Champion can gain Power and the Grandmaster is Unblockable, Indestructible, and very aggressive.
  • Throughout each Phase, the Summoner will have opportunities to push the Grandmaster to his Wounded state.
  • While Wounded, the Grandmaster is Stunned and the Summoner's Attack is increased by +150% for each Token of Competence.
  • When the Grandmaster leaves his Wounded state, all Tokens of Competence are removed and the current Phase resets.

Phase 1: Opening Gambit - Between 100% to 70% Health

  • Both the Summoner and Grandmaster can't gain Power.
  • If the Summoner doesn't make contact with the Grandmaster every 10 seconds, they begin to Degenerate, receiving X direct damage per second until contact is made. This timer is paused during the Grandmaster's Special Attacks.
  • During this phase, each time the Summoner performs an intercept, they gain 1 Token of Competence.
  • While performing certain Tactics, the Grandmaster has a chance to announce a rule change, banning it from play. These Tactics are: Parry an attack, use Dexterity, and Land a Light Attack.
  • Once a Tactic has been banned, if the Summoner performs that action again, they will gain 1 Token of Blunder.
  • After all 3 Tactics have been banned, they are instantly unbanned and the Grandmaster prepares his Special 1. Tactics cannot be banned again until the Grandmaster has thrown his Special 1.
  • During this Phase, each time the Grandmaster finishes his Special 1, he is Wounded for 8 seconds.

Phase 2: Transposition - Between 69% to 30% Health

  • The Grandmaster becomes immune to all Stun Debuffs for this Phase and all remaining Phases.
  • The Summoner can gain up to 1 Bar of Power. The Grandmaster gains 15% of a Power Bar for each hit landed by the Summoner.
  • Periodically, the Grandmaster will assign a Challenge. Once assigned, the Summoner has 7 seconds to complete the Challenge. Success grants a Token of Competence. Failure grants a Token of Blunder. Challenges are paused during the Grandmaster's Special Attacks.
  • Challenges are assigned at random. Completed Challenges can not be assigned again until every other Challenge has cycled once.
  • Challenges: Whiff an Attack, Land a Critical Hit, Perform an intercept, Gain a Buff, Inflict a Damage over time effect.
  • During this Phase, after each Challenge has cycled one time, the Grandmaster is Wounded for 7 seconds.

Phase 3: Zugzwang - Between 29% to 1% Health

  • The Grandmaster gains 5% of a Power bar every second. This effect is paused during his Special Attacks, however, its potency is increased by 10% after each Special Attack he throws.
  • Every 8.50 seconds, a Challenge is issued for 7 seconds. Failing to complete the Challenge grants 1 Token of Blunder. Completing the Challenge grants 1 Token of Competence. These Challenges are paused during the Grandmaster's Special Attacks.
  • Every 25.50 seconds, the Summoner's controls a re reversed for 8.5 seconds.
  • Challenges: Strike into Block, Perform Back Dashes, Knock the Grandmaster Down, Stand Still, Perform Well-Timed Blocks.

During this Phase, every 5th Challenge completed by the Summoner Wounds the Grandmaster for 6 seconds. While Wounded, no new Challenges will activate. Phase 4: Checkmate - Between 1% to 0% Health

  • The Grandmaster becomes Infuriated for 18 seconds. During this final Infuriation, the Grandmaster becomes Unstoppable while dashing.
  • When Infuriation ends, the Grandmaster becomes permanently Wounded for the rest of the fight and will only take damage from the Summoner's Special 3.

Signature Ability

Master of the Contest

  • Text.


  • The Grandmaster can only receive damage when struck by an attack. All other damage sources have no effect. Additionally, incoming hit damage is capped at 5% of his max health.
  • The Grandmaster's Power Bar and Ability Accuracy can't be altered or reduced, and his attacks can't be Evaded or caused to Miss.

Special Attacks

Special Attack 1

  • This attack starts with an Unblockable blast. If the Opponent is struck and stunned by this blast, all of the following actions result in failure.
  • After the blast, the Grandmaster rolls a random combination of 3 actions which must be completed according to the icons displayed in the fight from left to right.
  • Each successful action grants 1 Token of Competence. Failure grants 1 Token of Blunder.
  • These actions involve: Blocking, Dodging, or Getting Struck by the Grandmaster's projectiles. These projectiles do not stun.

Special Attack 2

  • Each hit drains 10% of the Opponent's max Power. This effect will trigger through the Opponent's block.

Special Attack 3

  • The game has rules to be followed. Failure to abide by them results in a loss. This attack is a guaranteed knockout and can't be blocked or reduced in any way.

Synergy Bonuses

Information unavailable at this time.

How to Defeat the Grandmaster


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How to Easily Beat Act 6 Grandmaster Final Boss


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