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The Grandmaster is an unplayable Combined Champion. Being a Combined Champion, he has a Class Bonus against Champions of every Class other than another Combined. He serves as a major antagonist from Act 5 onwards and is the final boss of Act 6.


Basic Abilities

Tokens of the Battlerealm

  • Throughout the fight, each time the Grandmaster throws a Special 1, the Summoner will gain Tokens of Competence or Tokens of Blunder.
  • At any point during the fight, if the Summoner reaches 5 Tokens of Blunder, the Grandmaster instantly gains his Special 3.
  • If the Summoner is knocked out, up to 5 of their Tokens of Competence will persist into the next fight.

Heavy Attacks

  • Can't be interrupted and remove all Tokens of Competence.

Rules of the Fight

  • The Grandmaster has 4 Phases of challenge. Entering a new Phase resets the Summoner's Power meter to 0 and removes all Tokens.
  • After completing a Phase, the Grandmaster prepares the next Phase for 3.50 seconds. During this time, neither Champion will gain Power and the Grandmaster will be Indestructible and very defensive.
  • After preparation is complete, the Grandmaster becomes Infuriated for 6 seconds before the next Phase officially beings. While Infuriated, neither Champion can gain Power and the Grandmaster is Unblockable, Indestructible, and very aggressive.
  • Throughout each Phase, the Summoner will have opportunities to push the Grandmaster to his Wounded state.
  • While Wounded, the Grandmaster is Stunned and the Summoner's Attack is increased by +150% for each Token of Competence.
  • When the Grandmaster leaves his Wounded state, all Tokens of Competence are removed and the current Phase resets.

Phase 1: Opening Gambit - Between 100% to 70% Health

  • Both the Summoner and Grandmaster can't gain Power.
  • If the Summoner doesn't make contact with the Grandmaster every 10 seconds, they begin to Degenerate, receiving X direct damage per second until contact is made. This timer is paused during the Grandmaster's Special Attacks.
  • During this phase, each time the Summoner performs an intercept, they gain 1 Token of Competence.
  • While performing certain Tactics, the Grandmaster has a chance to announce a rule change, banning it from play. These Tactics are: Parry an attack, use Dexterity, and Land a Light Attack.
  • Once a Tactic has been banned, if the Summoner performs that action again, they will gain 1 Token of Blunder.
  • After all 3 Tactics have been banned, they are instantly unbanned and the Grandmaster prepares his Special 1. Tactics cannot be banned again until the Grandmaster has thrown his Special 1.
  • During this Phase, each time the Grandmaster finishes his Special 1, he is Wounded for 8 seconds.

Phase 2: Transposition - Between 69% to 30% Health

  • The Grandmaster becomes immune to all Stun Debuffs for this Phase and all remaining Phases.
  • The Summoner can gain up to 1 Bar of Power. The Grandmaster gains 15% of a Power Bar for each hit landed by the Summoner.
  • Periodically, the Grandmaster will assign a Challenge. Once assigned, the Summoner has 7 seconds to complete the Challenge. Success grants a Token of Competence. Failure grants a Token of Blunder. Challenges are paused during the Grandmaster's Special Attacks.
  • Challenges are assigned at random. Completed Challenges can not be assigned again until every other Challenge has cycled once.
  • Challenges: Whiff an Attack, Land a Critical Hit, Perform an intercept, Gain a Buff, Inflict a Damage over time effect.
  • During this Phase, after each Challenge has cycled one time, the Grandmaster is Wounded for 7 seconds.

Phase 3: Zugzwang - Between 29% to 1% Health

  • The Grandmaster gains 5% of a Power bar every second. This effect is paused during his Special Attacks, however, its potency is increased by 10% after each Special Attack he throws.
  • Every 8.50 seconds, a Challenge is issued for 7 seconds. Failing to complete the Challenge grants 1 Token of Blunder. Completing the Challenge grants 1 Token of Competence. These Challenges are paused during the Grandmaster's Special Attacks.
  • Every 25.50 seconds, the Summoner's controls are reversed for 8.5 seconds.
  • Challenges: Strike into Block, Perform Back Dashes, Knock the Grandmaster Down, Stand Still, Perform Well-Timed Blocks.

During this Phase, every 5th Challenge completed by the Summoner Wounds the Grandmaster for 6 seconds. While Wounded, no new Challenges will activate. Phase 4: Checkmate - Between 1% to 0% Health

  • The Grandmaster becomes Infuriated for 18 seconds. During this final Infuriation, the Grandmaster becomes Unstoppable while dashing.
  • When Infuriation ends, the Grandmaster becomes permanently Wounded for the rest of the fight and will only take damage from the Summoner's Special 3.

Signature Ability

Master of the Contest

  • Text.


  • The Grandmaster can only receive damage when struck by an attack. All other damage sources have no effect. Additionally, incoming hit damage is capped at 5% of his max health.
  • The Grandmaster's Power Bar and Ability Accuracy can't be altered or reduced, and his attacks can't be Evaded or caused to Miss.

Special Attacks

Special Attack 1

  • This attack starts with an Unblockable blast. If the Opponent is struck and stunned by this blast, all of the following actions result in failure.
  • After the blast, the Grandmaster rolls a random combination of 3 actions which must be completed according to the icons displayed in the fight from left to right.
  • Each successful action grants 1 Token of Competence. Failure grants 1 Token of Blunder.
  • These actions involve: Blocking, Dodging, or Getting Struck by the Grandmaster's projectiles. These projectiles do not stun.

Special Attack 2

  • Each hit drains 10% of the Opponent's max Power. This effect will trigger through the Opponent's block.

Special Attack 3

  • The game has rules to be followed. Failure to abide by them results in a loss. This attack is a guaranteed knockout and can't be blocked or reduced in any way.

Synergy Bonuses

Information unavailable at this time.



How To Easily Beat Act 6 Grandmaster Final Boss Guide - Full Breakdown - Marvel Contest of Champions

How to Easily Beat Act 6 Grandmaster Final Boss

In the Story

Becoming the Grandmaster

Three billion years before the current iteration of the Contest, En Dwi Gast and his brother Taneleer Tivan discovered the Battlerealm, then known as the Nexus Realm. Years later, they explored the Nexus Realm along with Taneleer's daughter Carina. Carina ventured outside their spaceship as the trio were caught in an unexpected energy explosion, trapping En Dwi under a rock and shattering Carina into a billion fragments. Taneleer became obsessed with collecting Carina's fragments in the hope of resurrecting her, and left En Dwi behind.

After some time En Dwi broke free of the rock, and without a spaceship began a long journey to walk out of the Battlerealm. This proved a hard task as space-time was fragmented, and En Dwi would constantly be transported years back in time, or in the wrong direction for every few steps he took. He eventually solved the puzzle and returned from the Battlerealm, and gained his obsession with playing games, accompanied with a grudge against his brother for abandoning him.

Elder's War

The Grandmaster would only return many years later, after the Rebellion against Maestro and the Cosmic Civil War, surprising the Collector as he aligned with Loki and claimed the Battlerealm for himself, instigating the Elder's War. The Grandmaster would sway many Champions to his side with false promises of freedom, and as the Collector desperately allied himself with criminals and mind controlled anyone who defied him, the Summoner was prompted to defeat him in the Galactorum, ending the Collector's reign. The Grandmaster taunted him before encasing him in a crystal prison and assuming control of the Contest.

Soon, as Grandmaster's reign spread across the Battlerealm, Champions formed uneasy alliances and were tasked with reforming the Cornerstone. The Grandmaster attempted to stop an alliance of the Summoner, Doctor Strange, Doctor Voodoo, Black Panther and Kang, among others, from doing so, and pitted them against Ultron, but the Summoner was ultimately victorious and the Grandmaster relented. Doctor Strange then reassembled the Cornerstone, revealed to be Carina but still missing the heart.

After the Collector was freed and reclaimed Carina's heart from the Sentry, he was visited by Grandmaster, who presented him with the final piece of the Cornerstone, as a gift for his niece.

Infinity War and the Tournament

During the Infinity War, the Grandmaster's contest was forced to a halt by Thanos, who drained the power of the ISO-Sphere, and he would only regain control after Thanos' defeat at the hands of the Summoner and the Avengers. In an attempt to regain the power lost during the war, the Grandmaster allied himself with the Champion, a fellow Elder of the Universe, and defeated a multitude of Champions to absorb their ISO-8. This plan was foiled by the return of Ægon, the first Champion of the Contest, who defeated the Champion and restored Carina to life.

Great Revival

As the now-revived Carina began to explore the Battlerealm, the Grandmaster intervened, wanting to see the full potential of her powers. He pitted Carina and the Summoner against a Sentinel and a Power Stone-infused Champion to test their limits. Noticing the collapse of Mister Fantastic's anomaly, he made his way to the site and realized that he, along with Doctor Doom and Silver Surfer, had summoned Galactus to consume the Battlerealm. Furious, he detained Mister Fantastic and organised a trial to judge him of his crimes, until Richards was prompted by Carina to plead guilty, and was punished to find a way to stop Galactus and to incapacitate Silver Surfer for being a Herald of Galactus.

As Carina earned the trust of more and more Champions, including the Avengers, Grandmaster's position was threatened and he attempted to sway the Summoner to his side. However, the Summoner instead fought the Grandmaster with support from Carina, the Collector, Ægon and other champions, and En Dwi's reign over the Contest was finally brought to an end. He was then imprisoned by Carina alongside his brother, freeing the Battlerealm of their constant meddling.

The Union

Grandmaster eventually regained the trust of Carina, and was assigned to overseeing organized wars between Summoner alliances. He was then further assigned with Captain Britain and Nebula to host a tournament for leadership of the mutants, between the mutant leaders Magneto, Professor X and Apocalypse, as well as Omega Sentinel in secret. With all participants swiftly defeated the Summoner, Grandmaster successfully convinced the mutant leaders to work together against outside threats instead.


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