The Living Death Who Walks! is a Story Event.


Thing and Iron Man scour the Negative Zone for another missing member of the Fantastic Four. What evils await them there?

Shorthand Etymology

The Living Death Who Walks!

List of Quests

  • Chapter 1: Let There Be - - Life!
    • TLD-1-1 Into the Negative Zone!
    • TLD-1-2 Rip Wide the Sky
  • Chapter 2: Annihilation
    • TLD-2-1 Safety in Numbers
    • TLD-2-2 Countdown to Destruction
  • Chapter 3: You Can't Go Home Again
    • TLD-3-1 Deadly Genesis
    • TLD-3-2 Godhood's End!


  • x900 Tier 4 Basic Catalyst Fragments
  • x2 Tier 2 Basic Catalyst
  • Premium Hero Crystal Shards 1,000
  • Hothead Common Title


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