The Microrealms is the first Event Quest in the second Chapter in the Story Event Mystery in the Microrealms.

It is preceded in Chapter 1 by The Ant-Man Plan and succeeded in Chapter 2 by Adaptoid Scramble.



"Okay, so don't freak out... you may have noticed we're very tiny now. I did that. I realize why Cross--Yellowjacket--is involved now. He's been shrinking down the adaptoids for that ISO dust! For what reason? Well, we're gonna find out in these "Microrealms!" (Which is what I'm calling them!)"

"It's pretty smart, especially for Yellowjacket. Shrinking down the Adaptoids for... whatever he's up to. Gotta be something dastardly. That's what bad guys do!"

"Looks like a friendly neighbourhood Adaptoid this time. Let's drop this punk!"


Mystery in the Microrealms
Chapter Quests
A Tiny Issue 1. Summoner's Call
2. A Strange Secret
3. The Ant-Man Plan
Enter Yellowjacket 1. The Microrealms
2. Adaptoid Scramble
3. Arthropod Attack
A Big Problem 1. Buried Deep
2. ISO Intrigue
3. Bug Brawl
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