The Underbelly is the second Quest in the first Chapter of the Story Event Contamination.

It is succeeded by Get a Clue.



"Summoner. Over here. I can't lower myself to be seen in the Battlerealm's underbelly, but there is something you must do for me. Someone is running an unsanctioned "fight club" in the midst of The Contest. Whoever it is is empowering the involved Champions somehow. This cannot stand. I need you to find out who this is and put a stop to it! But to find them, you will need an ally used to tracking down such dregs."
The Collector[src]

"And here she is. Let me introduce someone from my collection; the perfect person for the job."
"The Summoner, was it? Nice to meet you. Jessica Jones, private eye."
"Miss Jones will help you track down these... agitators. And I expect you to punish them appropriately! Now, off you go."
"I'm gonna skip on the questions about the who, where, and what for now. I get the feeling it would keep us here for a long time."
The Collector and Jessica Jones[src]

"Fighting is all I'll ever be good at. So why not fight more? I finally have my chance to battle forever and ever."
"This guy seems really unhinged, what's going on with him?!"
"I won't let you take this power away from me!!"
Winter Soldier and Jessica Jones[src]


  • 2x Tier 2 Tech ISO-8
  • Units.png15
  • Premium Hero Crystal Shards.png 100
  • Gold.png225


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A Missing Hero 1. Something Amiss
2. The Underbelly
Tainted Power 1. Get a Clue
2. Corrupted Strength
Cracking the Case 1. Mr. Cage
2. Fight at Joe's
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