aka Ol, Freak from Earth 90

  • I live in Star City of Earth 90
  • I was born on May 16
  • My occupation is Vigilante on Earth 90
  • I am Male

I am OliverJonasQueen, a big comic fan. My in-game username is waaaaaay different from this so that you wouldn't recognise me. I'm a non-serious gamer and wikia editor.


Because of my tendencies to accidentally forget to add some particulars, I may edit a page multiple times in a short period. Please do tolerate this and don't think that I'm spamming. Thanks!

My Personal Favourite Champions:
Korg portrait (Bleed & Shock Immunities, War Defense)
Quake portrait (OP Offense)
Mephisto portrait (Poison & Iceman Immunities, War Defense)
Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) portrait (OP Offense)
Nightcrawler portrait (High Damage, War Defense)
Hyperion portrait (Poison Immunity, OP Offense, War Defense)

P.S. Contact me on my message wall if you wanna contact me for some reason.


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