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"These things cannot be stopped. An inherited strength of will. One's dreams. The ebb and flow of the ages. As long as people hunger for freedom, these things will exist."

Gol D. Roger

Wishing Kabam would add a S.H.I.E.L.D. class so they could add characters like Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Phil Coulson, or even the MCU Inhumans (Daisy Johnson, Lincoln Campbell, Deathlok, whatever). I mean, if Mighty Heroes or Future Fight can do it, so can Contest of Champions.

My 5 Favorite Champions

  1. Yellowjacket
  2. Crossbones
  3. Magneto
  4. Ultron
  5. Yondu

My List of Champions I Wish Kabam Would Just Add Already

  1. Phil Coulson
  2. White Wolf
  3. Anti-Venom
  4. Kitty Pryde
  5. Bullseye
  6. Lash (MCU)
  7. Red She-Hulk
  8. Silver Surfer
  9. Jack-o'-Lantern
  10. Surtur (MCU)
  11. Elsa Bloodstone
  12. Donald Pierce (Logan)
  13. Sister Grimm
  14. Singularity
  15. Absorbing Man
  16. Dark Phoenix (playable)
  17. Jessica Jones (playable)
  18. Lincoln Campbell (MCU)
  19. Yo-Yo Rodriguez (MCU)
  20. Punisher (Nigel Higgins)
  21. Iron Spider
  22. Spider-Ham
  23. Emma Frost
  24. Ancient One (MCU)
  25. Kaecilius (MCU)
  26. Spider-Man (2099)
  27. Shocker (Herman Schultz) (MCU)
  28. Professor X
  29. Klaw
  30. Misty Knight

My Champions by Tier

Tier Champion(s)
TierStarTierStar Ant-Man portraitHulkbuster portraitIron Fist portraitQuake portraitStar-Lord portraitVenom portraitYellowjacket portrait
TierStarTierStarTierStar Carnage portraitCivil Warrior portraitGamora portraitIron Fist portraitMagneto portraitNebula portraitPhoenix portraitRhino portraitVenompool portraitYellowjacket portrait
TierStarTierStarTierStarTierStar Elektra portraitLoki portraitStar-Lord portraitWinter Soldier portrait
TierStarTierStarTierStarTierStarTierStar Crossbones portrait

Favorite pages



Complete Story of the Game

Complete Story

Testing the Tabs formatting

I was honestly expecting the {{{color}}} to not work, considering what happened with the Guillotine example.

Breakdown of the tabs:

  • The first tab (portrait/Champion name) is the main page, containing the infobox (which will have had the base health and base attack removed, for use on the Abilities and Stats page). The page will contain the bio, appearances in other media, trivia, any possible references, external links (if applicable), the navigation template (which will list every available Champion of that Class and all available subpages), and some other miscellaneous information.
  • The second tab, Abilities and Stats, will contain all of a Champion's abilities (noted under the "Abilities" section on a Champion's page) with the Signature Ability and Special Attacks with both base stats and max stats, base health, base attack, max health, max attack, as well as strengths, weaknesses, and recommended masteries (noted under the "Strengths and Weaknesses" section on a Champion's page), if applicable. The navigation template will be at the bottom of the page.
  • The third tab, In the Story, will have all available information on a Champion's story involvement in biography form. This will include appearances in motion comics, the Contest of Champions comic book, and in the Road to Civil War digital comic. At the bottom will be any possible references and an "Appearances" section with the fancy coding like right here. The navigation template will be at the bottom of the page.

These tabs may or may not even be added. I may or may not do some sort of poll after I add another admin, which should be around Christmas, depending on how long it takes.

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