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A victory animation is a short cutscene following a battle, in which the winning Champion does a pose.

Many Champions are notorious for sharing victory animations.


Description Champion(s)
The Champion floats in the air. Doctor Strange portrait.png[† 1]Magneto portrait.pngMagneto (House of X) portrait.pngNova portrait.pngSentry portrait.pngThe Collector portrait.png
The Champion looks tough. Adaptoid (Super Adaptoid Hydra) portrait.pngBishop portrait.pngBlack Bolt portrait.pngBlade portrait.pngBoltagon the Accuser portrait.pngCaptain America portrait.pngCaptain America WWII portrait.pngCarnage portrait.pngCorvus Glaive portrait.png[† 2]Cyclops (New Xavier School) portrait.pngCyclops (Blue Team) portrait.pngDaredevil (Classic) portrait.pngDaredevil (Hell's Kitchen) portrait.pngDarren Cross portrait.pngElectro portrait.pngThe Grandmaster portrait.pngHawkeye portrait.pngHyperion portrait.pngIron Man portrait.pngIron Patriot portrait.pngKang the Conqueror portrait.pngKarnak portrait.pngLoki portrait.pngMephisto portrait.pngMoon Knight portrait.pngNightcarnage portrait.pngPunisher portrait.pngPunisher 2099 portrait.pngRed Skull portrait.png[† 3]Rocket Raccoon portrait.png[† 4]Ronan portrait.pngStar-Kang portrait.pngStar-Lord portrait.pngSuperior Iron Man portrait.pngTaskmaster portrait.pngThanos portrait.png[† 5]The Hood portrait.pngThor portrait.pngUltron portrait.pngUltron (Classic) portrait.pngVision portrait.pngVision (Age of Ultron) portrait.pngWar Machine portrait.pngWinter Soldier portrait.pngYellowjacket portrait.pngYondu portrait.png[† 6]Summoned Symbiote portrait.png
The Champion stomps the ground before roaring. Abomination portrait.pngHulk portrait.pngHulk (Ragnarok) portrait.pngJuggernaut portrait.pngRed Hulk portrait.pngRhino portrait.pngVenom portrait.pngVenompool portrait.png
The Champion flexes. Colossus portrait.pngCrossbones portrait.pngDrax portrait.pngElectro Luke portrait.pngJoe Fixit portrait.png[† 7]Luke Cage portrait.pngUnstoppable Colossus portrait.png
The Champion turns around. Angela portrait.pngBlack Widow portrait.pngCaptain Marvel (Classic) portrait.pngDomino portrait.pngElektra portrait.pngGamora portrait.pngHela portrait.pngIce Phoenix portrait.pngMagik portrait.pngMs. Marvel portrait.pngNebula portrait.pngPsylocke portrait.pngPunishing Angel portrait.pngScarlet Witch (Classic) portrait.pngStorm portrait.pngThor (Jane Foster) portrait.pngWolverine (X-23) portrait.png
The Champion backflips and flexes. Agent Venom portrait.pngBlack Panther portrait.pngBlack Panther (Civil War) portrait.pngIron Fist portrait.pngIron Fist (Immortal) portrait.png1D35C196A2E429064D8741C35A1CE2BD92875298.png
The Champion turns around in the air and flaps its wings. Archangel portrait.pngVulture portrait.png
The Champion backflips and does a Spidey pose. Spider-Gwen portrait.pngSpider-Man (Classic) portrait.pngSpider-Man (Miles Morales) portrait.pngSpider-Man (Symbiote) portrait.pngSpider-Witch portrait.png
Champion-exclusive victory animations
Ægon flexes his phantom arm. Ægon portrait.png
The camera looks for Ant-Man. Ant-Man portrait.png
Beast, standing on one foot, pulls out a book and begins to read. Beast portrait.png
Cable aims his plasma rifle. Cable portrait.png
Captain America (Infinity War) retracts his claws in his weapons. Captain America (Infinity War) portrait.png
The Champion flexes several times. The Champion portrait.pngThe Champion (Power Stone) portrait.png
Civil Warrior raises his shield. Civil Warrior portrait.png
Darkhawk flies into the air then lands. Darkhawk portrait.png
Deadpool moonwalks as red and blue lights flash. Deadpool portrait.pngDeadpool X-Force portrait.pngGoldpool portrait.png
Doctor Octopus cracks his knuckles. Doctor Octopus portrait.png
Doctor Voodoo slams his staff onto the ground. Doctor Voodoo portrait.png
Dormammu looks tough, causing fire to burst out of him. Dormammu portrait.png
Emma Frost points to her head, causing blue waves to come out. Emma Frost portrait.png
Gambit twirls his staff around. Gambit portrait.png
Ghost stumbles in pain from phasing. Ghost portrait.png
Ghost Rider crosses his arms next to his motorcycle. Ghost Rider portrait.png
Green Goblin flies in on his glider. Green Goblin portrait.png
Groot looks at the screen affectionately. Groot portrait.png
Guillotine sticks La Fleur du Mal in the ground and looks away from the camera. Guillotine portrait.png[† 8]
Gwenpool attempts a backflip only to fall on her face. She then recovers with a side pose. Gwenpool portrait.pngGwenperion portrait.png
Heimdall plunges the Bifrost into the ground, twists it, and then poses. Heimdall portrait.png
Howard, in the Iron Duck, attempts to walk, but the arms of the Iron Duck fall off, leaving Howard to bury his face in his palm. Howard the Duck portrait.png
Hulkbuster backs up and raises its gauntlets. Hulkbuster portrait.png
Iceman slides towards the camera. Iceman portrait.png
Iron Man (Infinity War) brushes his armor off. Iron Man (Infinity War) portrait.png
Killmonger crosses his arms. Killmonger portrait.png
King Groot stomps the ground. King Groot portrait.png
Kingpin stands, facing away from the camera. Kingpin portrait.png
Korg walks into the scene, steps on Miek, squishing him, then lifts his foot in embarassment. Korg portrait.png
Maestro realizes Captain America's shield is broken and drops it. Maestro portrait.png
Masacre bounces his baseball bat in his hand. Masacre portrait.png
Medusa puts her swords down by her side. Medusa portrait.png
Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) enlarges her hand and phone and takes a selfie. Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) portrait.png
M.O.D.O.K. rides in on the Doomsday Chair. M.O.D.O.K. portrait.png
Mordo swings around the Staff of the Living Tribunal. Mordo portrait.png
Morningstar throws her mace over her shoulder. Morningstar portrait.png
Two Mysterios stand next to each other with their arms crossed, a third Mysterio comes up from behind and pushes them away. Mysterio portrait.png
Night Thrasher rides on his skateboard. Night Thrasher portrait.png

Nightcrawler teleports away, leaving his cutlass to fall to the ground.

Nightcrawler portrait.png
Old Man Logan walks close to the camera and crosses his arms. Old Man Logan portrait.png
Omega Red retracts the tentacles from his hands. Omega Red portrait.png
Phoenix, covered in cosmic fire, levitates. Dark Phoenix portrait.pngPhoenix portrait.png
Proxima Midnight spins her spear around. Proxima Midnight portrait.png
Quake causes an earthquake. Quake portrait.png
Red Guardian headbutts the camera, causing it to fall. Red Guardian portrait.png
Red Skull turns around and performs the HYDRA salute. Red Skull portrait.png
Rogue turns around, levitating. Rogue portrait.png
Sabretooth slams the ground then roars. Sabretooth portrait.png
Sentinel stares at the camera, preparing to blast it. Sentinel portrait.png
The camera moves around She-Hulk as she flexes. She-Hulk portrait.png
Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) hangs upside down and salutes the camera. Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) portrait.png
Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet) fists with Infinity Gauntlet in his hand. Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet) portrait.png
Thor (Ragnarok) pumps his fist in the air. Thor (Ragnarok) portrait.png
Void floats with his legs crossed. Void portrait.png
Warlock scratches his head, turns around, thinks, and his eyes and mouth go out and in to his head. Warlock portrait.png
Wasp spins around, flying. Wasp portrait.png

Wolverine retracts his claws and crosses his arms.

Cyverine portrait.pngWolverine portrait.pngWolverine (Weapon X) portrait.png
Tigra curiosly looks at the camera, bats it down to the ground, shattering it, and walks away. Tigra portrait.png

|- | |Quicksilver runs into frame, looks tired, waves to camera, runs away out of frame |File:Quicksilver portrait.png |} |- | |Galan takes a bite out of the many planets surrounding him. |File:Galan portrait.png |} |- | |Valkryie drinks from a water bottle, then throws it to the ground |Valkyrie portrait.png |} |- | |Gorr points his sword to the air, then points it to the camera, his eyes glowing. Camera fades to black |Gorr portrait.png |}


  • If you tap the screen during the victory animation, the victory animation is skipped. If the victory animation is skipped, the Champion is seen from father away than if the victory animation was allowed to fully play.
  • Warlock has the longest victory animation, lasting for entire victory sound.
  • Speaking of Ant-Man's victory animation, it was originally supposed to add a question mark at the end of the "Ant-Man wins!" text (as well as adding an additional "Ant-Man wins!" text once Ant-Man was found),[1] but for some reason this was changed.
  • If the game has trouble loading after a victory animation is finished, the Champion and background will continue to move.


  1. As of Update 6.0.
  2. Unlike other champions with this victory animation, Corvus Glaive looks down instead of up.
  3. Prior to Update 19.1
  4. Due to Rocket's short stature, the victory animation is seen from a slightly different angle.
  5. Thanos has a similar version of this victory animation. It is just like the regular version, instead seen from a different angle.
  6. Unlike other champions with this victory animation, Yondu's victory animation is seen from an entirely different angle.
  7. Unlike the other Champions with this victory animation, Joe Fixit is unusually close to the screen.
  8. As of Update 7.0.



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