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"I've taken out the most highly protected people in the world. YOU WON'T EVEN BE A CHALLENGE."
—Winter Soldier[src]

Winter Soldier is a Skill Champion. Being a Skill Champion, he has a Class Bonus against Science Champions, but is weak to Mutant Champions.


In the heat of World War II, Bucky Barnes gave his life for his country — or so Captain America thought. His frozen body was recovered by the Soviets, who turned him into an unstoppable, fearsome assassin — and their puppet! Freed from Russian control, Bucky now fights on the side of the just and righteous.


  • Fury (All Attacks): 11% chance for Fury, increasing Attack by X for 7 seconds.
  • Ammo Stockpile (Passive): Winter Soldier begins the fight with one type of ammo loaded into all his guns. Each time he launches a Special Attack he automatically switches to the next Ammo Type. Winter Soldier can also dash back and hold block for 1.5 seconds to manually switch ammo types.
    • Special Attacks:
      • Armor Piercing: Winter Soldier ignores all of the opponent’s Armor Rating.
      • Incendiary: Winter Soldier Incinerates the opponent, dealing X Energy Damage over 6.5 seconds, removing Perfect Block Chance and reducing Block Proficiency by 50%.
      • Hollow Point: Any Bleed effect triggered during this attack has its Duration increased by 50%.

Signature Ability

  • EMP Upgrade
    • Critical Hits: An upgrade to Bucky's bionic arm grants his Critical Hits a 15% chance to Power Drain the opponent for X% of the target's max Power. The amount drained increases based on Critical Hit Damage.

Special Attacks

  • Deuces are Wild
    • After a flurry of attacks, the Winter Soldier finishes off his opponent with a little help from his friends.
  • 1945
    • The Winter Soldier demonstrates a few tricks he learned from his days as Captain America's partner.
  • Fist of the Red Army
    • The Winter Soldier was once the greatest assassin the Red Army ever produced. Let him show you why.


  • There is some inconsistency with Winter Soldier's design. As noted by many players, Winter Soldier's metallic arm will occasionally be on his right side instead of his left side.


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