X-Machina is a Story Event.


Sunspot must recover the missing Warlock before his enemies, and misguided alies, find him first!

Shorthand Etymology


List of Quests

  • Chapter 1: Close Encounters
    • XMA-1-1 Industrial Complex
    • XMA-1-2 Stranger in a Strange Land
  • Chapter 2: Father and Sun
    • XMA-2-1 Competitive Market
    • XMA-2-2 Phalanx
  • Chapter 3: Who You Choose to Be
    • XMA-3-1 Portfolio Consolidation
    • XMA-3-2 Emancipation


  • x6,000 Tier 2 Alpha Catalyst Fragments
  • x6,000 Tier 5 Basic Catalyst Fragments
  • 5-Star Crystal Shards 3,500
  • 6-Star Crystal Shards 1,000
  • x1 Tier 4 Class Catalyst Crystal
  • Gold20,000

Motion Comic

X-MACHINA Motion Comic Marvel Contest of Champions

X-MACHINA Motion Comic Marvel Contest of Champions



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